two mixes for the post-party

you’ve had a big night on the dancefloor, and now it’s time to go home and unwind. here are two mixes by RD – part one was created back in february 2008 and part two was made this weekend, inspired by some joyous parties in mumbai. enjoy.
weareallidiots on soundcloud

part 1:
aphex twin – bbydhonchord
stateless – bloodstream (pilooski edit)
midlake – roscoe (beyond the wizard’s sleeve remix)
fleetwood mac – dreams
kings of convenience – weight of my words (four tet remix)
the studio – west side
cosmo vitelli – the sleep lab
edith piaf – sous le ciel de paris

part 2:
junior boys – high come down
four tet – she just wants to fight
king midas sound – one ting (dabrye remix)
daft punk – something about us
dam funk – chocolate
michael mcdonald – i keep forgettin’
shuggie otis – strawberry letter 23
christopher o’riley – everything in its right place
santo and johnny – tear drop


About The Idiots

A DJ collective with roots in London, Mumbai and San Francisco.
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